Top Ten Tuesday | TV Shows I Love!


Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish. The theme this week is related to television. I’ve honestly wanted to talk about my favorite TV shows before, so this is a great excuse to finally do so!

Top Ten Tuesday - Favorite TV Shows

1. The Fosters

I’m not sure how or why I started watching this show, but I was sucked in from the first episode. I blazed through two seasons (at the time there were only 2 seasons) in such a short amount of time. To be honest, the characters and their actions are pretty frustrating, but something about it makes you want to continue to watch. Even though they frustrate me, I am pretty invested in the characters and their lives. I’ve cried a lot watching this show, lol. The Fosters also has a lot of representation when it comes to race/sexuality and they tackle a lot of important topics. It is on the Freeform channel (formerly ABC Family), but they definitely go there.

2. Steven Universe

I used to be all about Adventure Time, but I found it became kinda stale somewhere along the way and it lost me. The shows have some similar traits (Rebecca Sugar worked on both shows), but I think I like Steven Universe more. It’s a cartoon, so it has cute and funny moments, but it can get dark, too. A lot of adults have come around to Steven Universe. Just because it’s on Cartoon Network doesn’t mean it’s for kids!

3. Mr. Robot

A friend of mine got our whole group chat into this show. She just started raving about it one day and then our whole chat started watching and discussing it together. I haven’t started the second season yet, but I can say the first season is really well-crafted. And Rami Malek does a great job with his character. Actually, all the actors in this show are superb. Mr. Robot is on FX, but I could easily see it being a Netflix Original Show.

4. Stranger Things

This is the show I most recently binge-watched and I have to say that it is worth the hype it’s getting. It has a retro feel to it, reminiscent of E.T./The Goonies that a lot of people enjoy. It has a really good soundtrack and most importantly, all the actors are fantastic — including the kids! I enjoyed it a lot. The last episode had me bawling for like the last 30 minutes, lmao. It’s already renewed for a second season that should be coming in 2017. I can’t wait!

5. Breaking Bad

This is a popular show that I jumped on late in the game. In fact, I am still on Season 4 now. This show is just excellent. I have probably seen every single episode of Malcolm in the Middle and I can’t believe that Bryan Cranston played the dad on that show and also Walter White in Breaking Bad. They are two completely opposite characters. He’s really talented. And the guy who plays Jesse is also really good. Ugh, there’s so many times that I just want to hug Jesse. He’s so misunderstood :( Anyway, love this show and hope to finish it up soon!

6. Orange is the New Black

Everyone knows this show, right? Haha. I know I’m not alone in liking this show. I watched the majority of the episodes in the latest season, but I heard the ending episodes were gonna wreck me (I’m already sensitive, lol) so I kinda put it off. I will watch them one day, lol.

7. Black-ish

Black-ish is definitely my favorite sitcom that is currently airing. It centers around a black family who is pretty well-off and the different situations they go through pertaining to race. It’s a really, really funny show and I think it’s underrated. Even though it tends to be more funny, they did an episode about police brutality that made me legitimately sob. I have a lot of respect for what this show is doing and I hope it continues to be successful!

8. How to Get Away with Murder

This is my Shonda Rhimes show! I tried to watch Scandal, but I couldn’t get into it. Grey’s Anatomy was really good in the first season then kinda went to hell halfway through the second season. How to Get Away with Murder is the Shonda show that has kept my attention the entire time. Most people already know about this show, so I don’t have much to actually say about it. Viola Davis is QUEEN. That is all!

9. Boy Meets World

I got back into this show a year or so back because of a black friday sale. They had Boy Meets World DVDs for dirt cheap and I remembered really liking the show when I was little, so I bought it and re-watched a lot of it. What I like about Boy Meets World is that the family wholesome-ness and cheese-factor aged well. I really liked Full House (like everyone did) when I was little, but I can’t handle the cheese when I watch it now. It’s too much, lol. But Boy Meets World isn’t like that. I really liked the emphasis on friendship in this show, too. Corey and Shawn are probably one of my favorite TV friendships of all time.

10. Friends

I started binge-watching this on netflix this year. I’m pretty late, I know! I remember my mom always watching this show and laughing when I was little, but I never paid attention to it or checked it out myself until now (at the ripe age of 25, lol). I thought I might find the show incredibly lame, but it actually held up really well despite being 20+ years old. While watching I could pinpoint things that would be considered problematic in 2016, but overall it’s a good, funny show.

So those are my Top 10 favorite TV Shows! Do you watch any of these? Has my list prompted you to schedule a Netflix binge-watching session? Let me know in the comments!

I also watch a lot of Korean Dramas and Anime, but I decided not to include any of those in this post. If anyone is interested, let me know and I can do lists/recommendations for those at a later date!

10 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday | TV Shows I Love!

  1. This was a great post! I definitely have a few of these shows bumped up on my marathon list now. Also, Kdramas! I was going to put some on my list, too, but I hadn’t watched any recently so I think you’ve also given me a nudge to start doing so again~

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    • A really popular (and good) K-Drama that’s currently airing is one called “W”. It stars Lee Jong Suk and Han Hyo Joo. If you are looking to get back into dramas I suggest that one! It has a really unique premise and its super unpredictable!

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  2. I love How To Get Away With Murder so much! I binged it not long ago and got so addicted. And I should probably get around to watching Friends someday. Everyone talks about it all the time, but I’ve only seen a couple of random episodes. Maybe I should fix that!

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  3. How did I forget The Fosters on my list?! I love that show. I watch distorted versions on YouTube because I don’t have cable and cannot verify to watch online. Now that’s devotion! :)

    We just watched Stranger Things last week, and I really enjoyed that show too. I loved the 80s feel.


  4. I really enjoyed the first season of Black-ish, but the tone of the humor doesn’t really work well for me so I’ve given it up. I’m glad you’re still enjoying it, though!


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