Friday Reads (9/29/16) + #OwnVoicesOctober TBR

I really enjoyed the #DiverseAThon that ended a week or so ago. It was probably the most fun and educational read-a-thon I’ve been a part of and I enjoyed all the books I read immensely. A big thing with everyone who took part was that we shouldn’t just read diversely for the read-a-thon and then go back to old habits. We should run with the enthusiasm we had that week and read diversely all year round. Not to say that we can never read books that aren’t diverse, but it’s more about making an effort and being aware of what you are reading. That said, I found out about the #OwnVoicesOctober read-a-thon very recently. I had pretty much set my TBR, but all the books ended up being #OwnVoices anyway, so I decided to join! You can see my TBR in the video below, as well as what I will be reading this weekend.


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