Discussion | Reading Quickly vs. Reading Slowly: Which experience do you prefer?

I’ve been thinking about this subject a lot the past few days. Lately I honestly haven’t been making time for reading the way I would like (life and whatnot) so it has been taking me a long time to read books. In my prime, I would read at least 100 pages a day and would often zip through a book in 3 days or less.

Some books just suck you in and make you not want to put them down, so before you know it you have entered and exited that world at warp speed. Sometimes that makes me feel a little empty. Am I alone in that?

I’ve noticed that the books I have enjoyed the most and call my favorites took me weeks to read. I spent a lot more time with the characters and because I wasn’t zipping through it, I ended up getting incredibly immersed in the world.

I’m like any other bibliophile. I want to read all the books and to do that you gotta read ’em fast. But the more I think about it, the more I want to consciously try to spend more time with the books I read. These bundles of pages are things that took months, YEARS to come to fruition, and for the reader, the experience will be over in days, weeks. It’s crazy.

All these thoughts were spurred on by The Interestings by Meg Wolitzer. I chose to read it for the #TomeTopple readathon and I am a little over half way through it now. #TomeTopple has been over since Sunday, lol. I am very much enjoying the book and by the time I’m done with it, I will have probably been reading it for 3 and half weeks or so. But you know what, who cares? I won’t complain if I read a book quickly, but I won’t feel some kinda way if I read them slowly either.

In fact, I will relish it.

How do you feel about reading quickly vs. reading slowly? Let me know in the comments!


3 thoughts on “Discussion | Reading Quickly vs. Reading Slowly: Which experience do you prefer?

  1. Great discussion post! I’ve been reading books really slowly lately, and I’ve found that I can fully immerse myself in a book this way. I’m able to ask myself more insightful questions about what I’m reading, and analyse too. I’ve just come to accept that while other book bloggers may be get through 30 books a month, I just can’t do that, and I’d rather take something out of the books I read. Maybe it depends on the kind of book you’re reading too: if it deals with heavy topics, or if it’s lighthearted.

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  2. Wonderful discussion post! For me, it really depends on the book. If it’s a pulp-mystery I’m just reading for fun that isn’t very literary, I don’t spend a lot of time pouring over the words. But with more thoughtful books I definitely also take my time. Also, if the language is really beautiful I’ll read much more closely than if it’s written in a casual style.


  3. I’ve considered this earlier this year when I rushed through a novel so I’d have read the amount of books i wanted to complete that month. I decided never to do that again because it made me not appreciate the story much. I’d like to say I don’t mind reading slowly but I’m an inpatient person. I prefer a moderate pace. I like to make progress in my reading but not overlook the story or the author’s tricks.


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