Saying Goodbye to 40 Books (My First Unhaul)

My First Book Unhaul

I got back into reading at the very beginning of 2015 and since then I have acquired many books. Enough to fill a very large, nearly ceiling-high book shelf. A lot of them were bought when I still wasn’t completely sure what my favorite kinds of books were, and many were the result of just buying anything that I recognized on Book Outlet, simply because it was cheap.

I’m a lot better about that kind of thing now, but as it stands…I have two book orders on the way (What? I’m weak, okay!) and NO shelf space. So I decided it was time for my very first unhaul. It’s kind of therapeutic actually. Getting rid of books you don’t actually care about and making room for ones that will potentially be your new loves.

The majority of these books will be going to my sister’s friend’s daughter. The new adult books are too much for her so I’m going to donate those instead.

My next order of business (once my book orders arrive) will be to take all my books off the shelves, dust really well and re-organize them as a rainbow! I’ve been wanting to do the rainbow thing for a while. I’ll post pictures once it’s complete!

Are you due for a book unhaul? Or have you ever unhauled a large number of books? Was it difficult to let go? Tell me all about it in the comments!


18 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye to 40 Books (My First Unhaul)

  1. I used to be SO bad at it. I wanted to keep everything. But my house is probably sinking from the number of books, and a few months ago I sat myself down and made the decision that I would make a deliberate effort to get rid of more, on a regular basis, instead of just when I move. I have an area where I keep a bag (it’s becoming more of a stack because I waited too long) for the used bookstore. If I finish something I wasn’t too excited about, it goes in the bag. And then every couple weeks I go through the books I haven’t read (which is an embarrassingly large number) and pull a few things off the shelf. And while I get credit for those books with the expectation of spending it, I’ve become far more deliberate about what I buy. I’m gonna try to make it a regular practice, but we’ll see…

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  2. I unhauled a LOT of books when I finally begin clearing things out of my room at my parents house. My books lined the stairs to my attic bedroom, and I wanted to make sure they had a shelf for their things. It was difficult, but I started with a whole bunch of books I didn’t like, or had grown out of anyway.

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  3. I almost had a heart attack when I saw the title. But I understand.

    If you have no attachment to or never plan to read those books, then it’s a great idea to simply get rid of them.
    I have the space to shelve hundreds of books, so I keep all of them. One day, though. I will have to downsize and that will be a sad, traumatic day.

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    • Yes, I’ve read some and didnt enjoy them but many I just lost interest in them. I was buying books too willy nilly without researching first. For me the most traumatic part is thinking about the money I spent, but for the most part I buy my books discounted. I’ll live…I will live lol

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  4. Congrats at the book un-haul. I am getting marginally better at unloading books I am very unlikely to desire to read again. What’s really saving my shelf space is that I have been taking advantage of the library, and thereby not acquiring as many books I have no desire to keep in the first place.

    Looking forward to the reading rainbow!

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  5. I used to be a complete book hoarder, but when I moved abroad and couldn’t bring all of them with me, I had to give loads away. :'( Fortunately, my parents let me store most of my babies in their house until I can re-home them again, hahaha.

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  6. I un-hauled about 3 bags of books before I moved house and it was painful! I mean it felt good to get rid of books I didn’t really care about but it was still painful!

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