The Evolution of my Reading Taste + 2016 Reading Goals

The very beginning of 2015 was when my interest in reading became re-invigorated. I ended up reading 75 books this year! That’s so much more than I would have ever thought I could read. I smashed my Goodreads challenge goal of 52 books (1 book per week).

I have always liked to read, but when I was in school I mostly focused on studying and getting through school first and foremost. I would mostly read during summer break. After graduating, one day I ended up in a YouTube vortex (as we do) and somehow ended up on the Booktube side of the website. I did not know that there was this huge community where people talked about books. Seeing people so genuinely excited about books made me get excited, too.

In January 2015, I read the book Fangirl and after that I just kept on reading and reading and reading. Now I’m here.

At the beginning I really stuck with Young Adult Fiction. Over half of what I read this year was Young Adult. When I read those books at the time I really liked a lot of them, but I think if I read them now I would feel differently. I think I am just now figuring out what kind of books I really like. Towards the end of the year, the amount of YA books I was reading began to dwindle significantly.

It’s crazy to me how much my taste has evolved in just one year’s time. Nowadays, I am constantly reaching for psychological thrillers or crime/mystery books (mostly adult). I’m also beginning to delve into classics, non-fiction books and literary fiction. This isn’t to say that I’m not going to read anymore YA books, because I totally will. I still like YA and I am super thankful to the genre for pushing me back into reading. But I can tell that I won’t automatically reach for it the way I used to.

But enough of that! Let’s move onto my reading goals for 2016.

I have lots of books I haven’t read yet. I counted the other day and I have around 90-ish unread books on my shelf. Because of this…

1. I will participate in the READ MY OWN DAMN BOOKS challenge this year!

It’s exactly what it sounds like. You try to read as many of the books you own as humanly possible!

2. Get rid of the books I don’t care about.

This will be hard for me, but it needs to be done. I really want my shelves to be filled with books I love. I wish there was a bookstore that bought books around here. It seems you can only donate or get credit with the store (which I don’t need, let’s be honest). It’s really hard for me to part with pretty hardback books that are in perfect condition, even if I didn’t like them. I’m gonna try hard with this.

3. Do not buy any books until I’ve read them first.

Oh, man. This is really hard, too. As I said, I want shelves filled with books I care about. I will either have to borrow from a friend or the library if I want to read something new. And if I like it enough, ONLY THEN am I allowed to purchase it. This way, when I add it to my shelf, it won’t increase my TBR either!

4. Try not to go to the library TOO often.

If I’m always reading library books, it kind of defeats the purpose of doing the read my own damn books challenge. So I will try to limit my library trips, as well as the amount of books I check out. No specific numbers here, I will just try to use my head instead of letting my heart lead me to the checkout counter with 12 books in my basket. HAHA.

5. Focus on quality; not quantity!

This year I will not be setting a goal for the Goodreads reading challenge. I think a lot of times I get discouraged from reading long books because I am just thinking, “Wow, I could read 3 books in the time it takes me to read this one!” and that isn’t right. Honestly, my most favorite books I read this year were long and dense. There are lots of books out there I am missing out on if I am so pre-occupied with a reading challenge, so I decided not to do it this year. I want to focus on reading better quality books instead of a large quantity of books. I want to read more diversely and get out of my comfort zone even more.

So those are my reading goals for 2016! Will you be trying to do any of these? Let me know what your reading goals are in the comments!


5 thoughts on “The Evolution of my Reading Taste + 2016 Reading Goals

  1. My taste in books have changed completely over the last 6 years or so. I used to read lots of historical and literary fiction (which are still my favorite genres). Lots of YA fiction has taken over my shelves lately and I have enjoyed the genre. This year, 70% of my reading has been YA. I plan to get back into my Classics and read more Adult romance. I am cutting back on ARCs unless I decide to do a blog tour. I have a few for the first half of the year already, and I plan to narrow down my TBR list a whole lot. I am at 200 books and my goal was 150. Didn’t think I would get that far.

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    • Sounds like some good goals! Historical fiction is the genre I read the least. Honestly I am not big on history but I want to give it a proper try. and WOW! You read so much! I’m not surprised though. It seems like you have new reviews up everyday!


  2. Great comments/goals. Your tastes do change – and they should especially as you go through life changes. But the great thing about that is that it opens you up to whole new genres of reading and more books! I also totally agree with you regarding the library visits. I’ve got so many books at home to read first, I need to stay out of the library.

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