Review | Sailor Moon Redbubble iPhone 6 Plus Tough Case

So, this is obviously not a post about books, but this is my blog and I can post what I want to! Mostly, I just want people to see my new phone case, lol. I actually looked for reviews on Redbubble’s tough cases and I did find a few, but there should be more out there! Hope this helps anyone out who wants to know what the cases are like before purchasing, so let’s get to it!

So the case comes in this awesomely-designed box that is basically the size of the phone case. It will most likely be delivered to your mailbox. The case I got was this super pretty one with some of Sailor Moon’s transformation brooches on it. And the background is my favorite color, purple. Couldn’t get any better for me design-wise! I wanted something Sailor Moon-related that wasn’t just like a picture of her or the Sailor Moon logo.

The quality of the print on the case is very good. Very very minimal distortion/pixelation.

So I got a tough case, meaning there is the hard back piece with the design on it, and inside that is a piece of soft silicon to cushion your phone. I wouldn’t really rely on the case to protect your phone from hard drops. I only got the tough case because I didn’t want to risk scratching the actual phone with the snap case.

The case is slightly raised above the screen so if you put the phone face down, your screen will not be touching the surface. It’s not raised as high as my last phone case I had, but I can deal with it.

My only real “gripe” is I think the black silicon is weird looking against the white of my phone. It would be cool if you could pick between like 3 colors for the silicon insert. Overall, I am really pleased with it and would totally buy more of these cases.

The cases are a little pricey at $30, but it’s worth it for me. I change my case like once a year anyway, haha!

If you are interested in this case, it is available for iPhones and some Samsung Galaxy models.

Hope this review has helped someone! Have a good day~



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