Subscription Box Review | Owl Crate November 2015 (Myths & Legends Theme)

See close-up photos of all the items in this month’s OwlCrate after the jump!

Camp Half-Blood Bracelet by The Colorful Geek

Mermaid Scale Pocket Mirror by My Clockwork Castle

Snow White Fairytale Tea by Adagio Teas

Castle Locket Necklace by The Geeky Cauldron

Richelle Mead Temporary Tattoos

Soundless by Richelle Mead!

This is an alright box, but I have to say I’m not as impressed with this one as I was with the last two. This is my third OwlCrate box, and I think the Halloween/Spooky box last month was the best.

I don’t really drink tea, but I love the tin box it came in. I will definitely be keeping that. And the castle locket necklace is very nice!

The premise of Soundless is very unique and interesting so I’m happy with the book they chose. I probably wouldn’t have picked this up myself, but now that I have it, I will be reading it for sure!

I wanna save a bit of money for Christmas shopping so I’m not going to be getting the December “Get Inspired!” box. I’m not really interested in the theme anyway, so I’m okay with it! I may re-subscribe in the new year if they come with another cool theme though.

Did you get an OwlCrate box this month? What was your favorite thing in it?


2 thoughts on “Subscription Box Review | Owl Crate November 2015 (Myths & Legends Theme)

    • I never heard of the Book Riot box. Out of like OwlCrate, Uppercase, Illumicrate and all the book subscription boxes I think OwlCrate is best. I probably wouldn’t subscribe to any other box.


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