I’m Diggin’ eBooks Lately

Lately I’m really into reading eBooks on my phone or Kindle. I work full-time, so it’s difficult for me to always keep a physical book with me when I’m out. Especially if I’m reading a huge 700 page book or something. My phone, however, is always with me. It usually takes me a week or under to read a physical book, but lately I’ve been reading eBooks within the course of a day.

When there is a lull in my work, I can just pull out my phone and read on the Kindle app for a bit. When I go on my lunch break, I can read a bit. By the time I get home I’ve usually read the majority of the book and then I can lay in bed and finish it off. Easy peasy and totally convenient.

I’m about to say a blasphemous thing…but, I think I’m starting to prefer eBooks. JUST talking about the actual act of reading though.

The only thing is that when I really like a book, I want to own the physical. And it’s kind of wasteful because you buy the Kindle book then you turn around and buy the physical book, as well. And a lot of the Kindle books on the Amazon store are not cheap! Many of them are only a dollar less than the hardcover, and if that’s the case, Imma buy the hardcover!

It would be so awesome if when you bought a physical book (paperback or hardcover) you get a complimentary copy of the ebook. Why isn’t that a thing? They should put some kind of unique indicator in the books and then you can go to some website and enter your unique ID and get the eBook. I would buy so many more books! I mean, I already buy a lot, but I’d buy even more, lol. 

What are your thoughts on eBooks?


9 thoughts on “I’m Diggin’ eBooks Lately

  1. I’ve thought that for a long time. If you buy a CD you get to autorip the music as soon as you pay. The same should apply to ebooks. I prefer ebooks now. I have a tiny house and read a lot so it makes sense to only buy physical books occasionally. My kindle is so handy for travelling. I’m never without it!


  2. I totally agree with this (but in school not work). I always read in ebook format because if I bring a book with me, it makes my backpack really hevay. I don’t know why other people says that your not a real booknerd if you prefer ebook but being a booknerd means to share your love of reading and just enjoy it in whatever format.


  3. Amazon has a program for a lot of books. If you buy the hardcover/paperback, you can purchase the e-text for a discount. (In some cases under a dollar.) But this does not apply to all titles, unfortunately.


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