Subscription Box Review | Owl Crate October 2015 (Spooky Theme)

See everything in this month’s box after the jump!

Vampire’s Lair Scent Pack by Adventure Scents

Crafted Van Magnetic Bookmarks

Sugar Skull Erasers

Edgar Allan Poe-ka Dot Pouch by Out of Print Clothing

This month’s book: A Madness So Discreet by Mindy McGinnis!

I really like this box! I feel like I can actually use more of the items in this book than last month’s. In fact, the only thing I probably won’t use is the Scent Pack, because I’m just not someone whose into candles, incense and things of that nature.

The magnetic bookmarks are super cute. Can never have enough of those, especially someone like me who reads many books at the same time. Always need more bookmarks!

My favorite item from this box is, without a doubt, the Edgar Allan Poe-ka Dot pouch. What a clever name for it by the way, haha. I was so happy when Owl Crate posted about collaborating with Out of Print Clothing for this box. I’ve been wanting to get a shirt or something from there for a while and now I have this awesome little pouch!

Love the choice of book for this box! All I know is that it takes place in an insane asylum which makes for instant-spooky! Definitely fits the theme. This isn’t a book that I would have picked up for myself, so I’m happy to have it in this box. It also came with a little poster of the book cover and a letter from the author.

Overall, amazing box! Can’t wait to see how Owl Crate will top it next month.

Did you get a box from Owl Crate this month? What was your favorite item? 


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